Please note that this page is under construction. The page currently acts as listing of different Pride flags.
Descriptions and meanings of each flag will be added as soon as possible.

The Rainbow Pride Flag

The Rainbow Pride Flag, the flag that represents the entire LGBTQ2S+ community has gone through many changes over the decades and continues to change to become more inclusive. 

The Gilbert Baker Flag

The Six-Stripe Flag

The Philadelphia Flag

The Progress Flag

Vecchietti’s Progress Flag

Other Queer Flags

Although many use the Rainbow Pride Flag to celebrate the LGBTQ2S+ community, there are many flags that represent specific sexualities and gender identities. This is not an exhaustive list and as new identities are used, new flags will emerge.

Queer People of Colour Flag

Two Spirit Flag

Transgender Flag

Intersex Flag

Asexual Flag

Bisexual Flag

Pansexual Flag

Non-Binary Flag

Lesbian Flag

Aromantic Flag

Genderfluid Flag

Agender Flag

Bigender Flag

Demisexual Flag

Genderqueer Flag

Polysexual Flag

Androgyne Flag

Straight Ally Flag