Last week, St. Marys Council approved their new “Pride Banner Recognition Program” which will bring Pride Flag banners to downtown St. Marys.

This program will have 12 Progress Flag banners displayed from May 1 to Nov 1 each year, with an additional 18 banners displaying other styles of the flag, representing sub-segments in the LGBTQ2S+ community, from June 1st to June 30. These additional flags include the flags representing trans, non-binary, asexual, intersex, and queer people of colour.

This banner program is truly a unique offering not for just small-town Ontario but it rivals banner
programs in some of the country’s LGBTQ2S+ centres such as the Gay Village in Toronto. Stratford-Perth Pride is extremely thankful to the Town of St. Marys for including us in the conversation of creating this important piece of LGBTQ2S+ representation in Perth County.

“Being seen is the first step in making a diverse, inclusive and equitable community. Even though these
banners are just pieces of fabric, to many of us, these banners are an acknowledgement of our ability to
love who want, identify as who we are, and live our lives authentically – out and proud,” says AJ Adams, president of Stratford-Perth Pride.

Stratford-Perth Pride looks forward to working with the Town of St. Marys on the next steps of this project and any other LGBTQ2S+ initiatives that may arise in the community.

A map of the approved banner layout can be seen below. Red circles are the 12 Progress Flags that will be hung from May to November and the blue circles represent the additional 18 LGBTQ2S+ flags.


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