Join our board of directors

We’re led by a dedicated team of a volunteer board of directors who uses their skills, expertise and lived experience to achieve our mission, vision and values. And we’re on the hunt for Perth County presidents to join our board.

Desired Areas of Expertise:


We’re looking for individual(s) who can lead the process of becoming a non-profit organization as well as navigating legal matters such as city bylaws that we my need to be aware of.  


We’re looking for individual(s) who can lead our fundraising efforts. The more money with have the more amazing program we can provide to Stratford and Perth County. 


As we explore the process of becoming an incorporated non-profit organization, we’re looking for individual(s) who can support this process and assist with the ongoing learning of board governance best practices. 


What is pride without events? We’re looking for individual(s) who are interested in leading and supporting our event efforts during Pride Month and year-round. 

Interested persons can fill out our application form


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