Inclusive visuals in st. marys

St. Marys Pride Banners

Stratford-Perth Pride has been in discussions with the Town of St. Marys on installing rainbow/pride visual(s) in St. Marys to show support for the LGBTQ2S+ community. 

In March 2022 the Town of St. Marys approved their “Pride Banner Recognition Program” which will bring 30 Pride Flag banners to downtown St. Marys. Scroll down to see the map layout. 

This program will have 12 Progress Flag banners displayed from May 1 to Nov 1 each year, with an additional 18 banners displaying other styles of the flag, representing sub-segments in the LGBTQ2S+ community, from June 1st to June 30.

Which LGBTQ2S+ Flags will be included?
  1. Progress Pride Flag (x 18 total with 12 from May-Nov.)
  2. Intersex (x1)
  3. Two Spirit (x2)
  4. Lesbian (x1)
  5. Trans (x2)
  6. Non-binary (x1)
  7. Queer People of Colour (x2)
  8. Pansexual (x1)
  9. Bisexual (x1)
  10. Asexual (x1)


Town of St. Marys


Approved (March 2022)
Next steps: install and unveiling. 

Image mock up from Town of St. Marys