Stratford's Rainbow Crosswalk

The idea of a rainbow crosswalk was first publicly suggested by Kelly Ballantyne of Sirkel Foods in summer 2021, who then joined forces with Stratford-Perth Pride. Fundraising commenced and the crosswalk was installed in October 2021.

Sadly, the crosswalk was vandalized in less than 12 hours after install. Furthermore, due to a variety of factors,  it was quickly in a state of disrepair. Stratford-Perth Pride and Sirkel Foods made a plan in mid-2022 to replace the crosswalk, learning from the mistakes of the first crosswalk.

A fundraising initiative to replace the crosswalk occurred in October 2022 with the the funds being raised in less than 24 hours! 

The new design continues to honour the representation of the progress flag. It will include the colours of the six-stripe Pride flag (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple), a pink, and light blue stripe representing the trans community, and a black and brown stripe representing queer people of colour. White road paint is placed at each end as well as the sides of the crosswalk for visual safety.

The new crosswalk’s design better protects it from seasonal changes, traffic, vandalism and other damage. 

Crosswalk Sponsors and Donors

on behalf of Attwell & Ewan Martin

Individual Donors

Bri Waters

Steven Hunter

Kate Pearson Crawford

Gillian Reilly

William Brouwer

Alyson Kent

Shannon Reynolds

Megan Collings

Cody Ballantyne

Lyndsey Stewart

John & Jo-Anne Hood Tidman

Paul Butler and Chris Black

Jessica Rodela

Margaret Malcolmson

Tasha Currah

Nancy Agnew

Yolanda Passhuis-Lew

Bruce Duncan Skeaff

Sirkel Foods customers

Aikaterini Vassilakos


Andrew Mugford

Michelle Cronin

Jodi Koot

William Dean Ricker

Fred Buck

Nancy Agnew

Charolette Innerd

Jeffery Costain

Chelsea Nyland

Olivia Flegg

Lisa Wilde

Penny and Claude

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